Baby & Toddler Reflex

What is Baby & Toddler Reflex?
Baby Reflex is a series of specially adapted reflexology techniques to create a bonding between parents & Babies and to help ease many normal discomforts in their own child.

It all began with Jenny Lee, a chartered physiotherapist & qualified reflexologist working with mothers and yourng children for many years where Jenny carried out several pilot research studies in conjunction with those children's GPs which were designed to examine the effects of reflexology treatments on asthmatic children.  The results revealed numerous benefits for those children.  These included better sleep patterns, greater ability to relax, a much improved quality of life and enjoyment of those children receiving reflexology. 

The Balkan War & Crotian Doctor on the same Discovery Path as Baby Reflex

Jenny, the founder of Baby Reflex, who attended the International Medical Conference in Belgium in 2007 gave a talk on her research findings relating to childhood asthma & her work on reflexology adapted for children.  In the audience was Dr. Milivoj Jovancevic who had been dealing with traumaatized mothers and babies resulting from the then 1990's Balkan war.

At around the same time Jenny concentrated her reasearch in the UK on older children, the medical team in Croatia had noticed the beneficial effects of using a therapy 'touch' on the feet on children &  babies.  Later, that medical team, like Jenny, saw that the bonding increased & in those affected, the children's asthma started to reduce. 

The Croation team also noticed thousands of traumatised women rejecting their newborn babies and to restore the essential bonding between their babies those mothers needed to re-learn how to be able to touch their babies in some way.  This was achieved by hundreds of refugee mothers giving a type of reflexology to their babies feet.

Dr. Jovancevic and his team were amazed to see that as that bonding increased babies had less stress & their ashthma symptoms started to disappear. 

How did Baby Refex begin? 

Baby Reflex is a course to teach parents, grandparents & guardians, through a series of three weekly workshops, how to apply a gentle form of reflexology to their  own baby.

It works in the same way as reflexology on adults but is adpated to suit the needs of babies and toddlers according to their size. A course for parents to apply reflexology on their own baby or toddler to help with their wellbeing. 

The workshops are themed in Feeding & Digesting, Sleeping & Comforting & Wellbeing 

When to use?
Baby reflex can be used on babies from 4 weeks onwards and Baby Reflex for Toddlers from the age of 10 months up to 3 years)

Parents must always be present during training or treatment and parents may only work on their own child.  
Do not attempt to teach another parent as the course is not taught to or qualified to teach other parents.

How is is taught?

Classes are available as 1:1 sessions over a three week period or part of a group, as well as an online course coming soon.

To begin with you will learn techniques on dolly feet so you are then able to apply to your own baby.
Baby Reflex for toddlers came about from parents and reflexologist asking for a simple baby reflex technique to work with growing children growing into toddlers. Created by Penny Odhams the routine is accompanied using nursery rhymes and lullabies to accompany the routine.

Baby or Toddler 1:1 Family Workshops (From 4 weeks to 10 Months) 

Baby Reflex for babies includes 1:1 workshop lasting 60 mins, there are 3 weekly sessions to attend where you will learn:

Week 1 – Sleeping and comfort
Week 2 – Digestion and feeding
Week 3 – General Well Being (includes teething, ear and sinus) .

Group Sessions of Baby Reflex consisting of three weeks @ £10 per session , total £30 for course of three 
Baby Reflex 1:1 One 60 min treatment & Lesson £50
Baby Reflex 1:1 Three week course of 60 mins per session £150.00

All courses include mini charts and certificate on completion of the course. 

Following on from baby reflex is Toddler reflex..... please read on.


Toddler Reflex (From 10 months to 3 years)

Baby Reflex 4 Toddlers can be appied to both hands and feet, but mainly to the hands for toddlers.

Baby Reflex for Toddlers came about with parents & reflexologists asking for a simple baby reflex technique to work with children growing into toddlers.

The benefits are a natural, non invasive therapy that aim to promote good health an encourages a natural bonding between parent & toddler.  It is nourishing and aids support and is calming to the growing child and most children love it as it incorporates nursery thymes and fun techniques.

How is is taught?

There are two sessions for Baby Reflex for Toddlers with an optional third session if you require.  Each session lasts 60 mins.

Baby Reflex is taught with your baby present.  Baby Reflex for Toddlers is taught in the first session without toddlers & in the second session with toddler's present.  Each session for baby & todler reflex is themed and designed to be easy to learn and remember. 

The cost of the sessions are: 

Group Sessions of Baby Reflex consisting of three weeks @ £10 per session two weeks with optional third week 
Baby Reflex 1:1 One 60 min treatment & Lesson £50
Baby Reflex 1:1 Two or optional three week course of 60 mins per session, £100 or  £150.00