Baby Reflex

A course for parents to apply reflexology on their own baby or toddler to help with their wellbeing. 

To begin with you will learn techniques on dolly feet so you are then able to apply to your own baby.
Baby Reflex for toddlers came about from parents and reflexologist asking for a simple baby reflex technique to work with growing children growing into toddlers. Created by Penny Odhams the routine is accompanied using nursery rhymes and lullabies to accompany the routine.

Baby or Toddler 1:1 Family Workshops (From 4 weeks to 10 Months) 

Baby Reflex for babies includes 1:1 workshop lasting 60 mins, there are 3 weekly sessions to attend where you will learn:

Week 1 – Sleeping and comfort
Week 2 – Digestion and feeding
Week 3 – General Well Being (includes teething, ear and sinus) .

Cost is £45 per session

For group booking for 4- 6 people please get in touch.

Toddler Reflex (From 10 months to 3 years)

For Toddlers each 1:1 workshop lasts 60 mins and there are 2 weekly sessions with an optional 3rd session to refresh all the techniques.

The course includes your own charts and certificate.

What are the benefits?
• Natural – A non-invasive therapy that aims to promote good health
• Nurturing – Encourages a natural bonding between parent and toddler
• Nourishing – Aids support and is calming to the growing child

Week 1 – The first session of toddler reflex is taught without the toddlers
Week 2 – The second session is taught with your toddler present.
Week 3 – Optional 3rd week is offered for a follow up and feedback or if you are interested in using the techniques on the feet as well as showing the reflex for First Aid.

Each session for baby and toddler reflex is themed and designed to be easy to learn.
NOTE: Baby Reflex is not a training course for parents to apply treatment to any other baby or toddler, it is for use exclusively with only their own children.

Prices of Toddler reflex workshop
1 hour of 1:1 tuition is £45 per session

For group bookings of 4- 6 people please get in touch