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  1. Reasons to Ditch your Facebook Account Right Now!

    At the beginning of the month I decided to quit Facebook.   The world’s largest social media platform was an addiction and taking up way too much of my time.   I’m on a mission to simplify my life, finding joy, peace and tranquillity, freeing up time for family, hobbies and meeting real friends in real life. A couple of weeks ago I decided I can no longer endure Facebook, it is not for me, here I explain why.

    1.    Less is more

    Recently I have slowed down, I’m 51 and have accomplished a lot with the first part of my journey, from having a wonderful family and home life, to various career paths.   I’ve decided to slow down, meditate, read, exercise, see ‘real’ friends and reconnect with nature and enjoy my crafting & hobbies. By ditching Facebook, I have felt liberated.  I want a higher quality of life; I think I have found it by limiting the (things) that compete with me and my attention, so I can spend more time on the (things) I care about most.

    2.    Most of my Facebook friends aren’t (actually friends)

    Don’t get me wrong they are not enemies but people I hardly see or connect with on a day to day basis, for most it was just a way to contact with each other because of different regions of the country, or because some didn’t have an email address or telephone number, simply because we were not actual friends. A wonderful article I came across sums up being on Facebook for me,   The Futility of Comparing Yourself to Others, by Leo Babauta, ‘One of the biggest reasons we’re not content with ourselves and our lives is that we compare ourselves to other people.’

    3.    Ask yourself the question, are they ‘real’ friends?

    How many of your contacts actually contact you and ask to see you?  In my experience not many.  My real friends call me and reciprocate. We meet for a coffee or for a walk-in nature or plan an activity together.  Real friends make no judgement on your opinions but on Facebook things can get very heated and harsh words are sometimes said.   It is so much nicer having these debates in person.   I don’t believe we should ever have an argument over Facebook.  As humans we respond very differently to what people write, to what people say to us in person.  I believe the best way we can all communicate and work out our differences, or arrive at a compromise is to talk to one another in person whether that be over dinner or out walking, or meeting places.    Facebook barely resembles real life, to me it’s a façade and Facebook was sucking the life out of me so I decided to quit!

    4.    Do I really need a Facebook account to build my business?

    I constantly get told, I need Facebook to build my business, I don’t agree. There are many ways to get creative and connect with people, some I have listed here:

    -        Try using

    -        Post Videos, updates and engage with likeminded people on Instagram.  I find it a much friendlier platform.

    -        Start creating videos and add these to your website, YouTube, Instagram & Twitter if you enjoy some              social media

    -        Get creative and share ideas on Pinterest

    -        Create a local business meetup group

    -        Attend events to promote your business

    -        Use Flyers and posters around your local village, as well as advertise in local magazines

    -        Give everyone you meet your business card.  You never know they may want your services or know of            someone that does

    -        Start a blog

    -        Start a loyalty reward card scheme

    -        Give out freebies with your logo on

    -        Create a free resource for your industry

     5.    Ditching Facebook will give you more Zen

    By ditching Facebook you’ll find you have more time to do what you truly love, if you don’t have any hobbies or interests why not start some?  What did you like to do as a child? If it was riding your bike, then start riding a bike.  I personally loved walking my dogs until I lost both my girls last year, so until I get another pooch, I’ve taken up running.  I started off slowly and it was painful at first but now I can easily run for longer, you can too!  I also love to breath in the fresh air and get outside in nature in all seasons. You meet people and see so much wildlife and plants, it’s so good for the soul!

    Start your day off well

    -        When your day begins don’t reach for your phone to check Facebook or any social media for that                    matter. Plant the seed of positivity as soon as you wake up.  Like an animal, stretch and take a few                  deep breaths in before rising. If you can incorporate some Yoga or fitness or go for a walk before                    breakfast, do.  Thoughts planted in the morning will continue to grow throughout the day. 

    -        Have a jar you can fill with notelets to drop into, with the day’s life lessons

    -        Write a journal of gratitude

    -        Research shows people who are thankful are also happy and positive. Notice how lucky you are and               your optimism and satisfaction with life will grow.

    -        Remember to write in your journal every day and spend a few moments letting the realization you are             blessed just to be alive.

    -        Practice 15 – 30 minutes of mindfulness.  30 Minutes is quite hard for people so start off with 10.  Just           sit and be mindful of how your body feels, what does it tell you? Create a peaceful place in your home           or garden, make it a beautiful place to sit for you meditation. You could also make an altar with                       incense  candles & crystals with soothing music in the background.

    -        Eat seasonal whole foods and be mindful whilst eating, sense the texture and taste of the foods you eat            and feel how they nourish you.

    -        Spend more time listening to your inner voice.

    -        Consume good energy vibrations with people you love.  If they warm you up like a radiator spend 
              time with them 
    but if they are a drain and wear you down, spend less time with these people. 

              Positivity brings good vibrations!

    -        Learn to forgive


    Ditching Facebook will give you more freedom, giving you enthusiasm and energy to start something new. It will help you connect with real life and spend more time on things you really enjoy, including human contact.  It will help you drop comparisons and help you focus on your own life and love your  journey more.


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    Good Vibrations! An introduction to Crystal Healing Reflexology


    'You know the world is a magial place when Mother Earth Grows her own jewellery .'


    I've always been fascinated by crystals, over time I have always felt compelled to enter new age shops selling crystals and incense, as well as burning smudge sticks and incense in my home. Somehow, I feel a connection with them, but it was only quite recently that I have become more attuned to them as memories of mum and me foraging for herbs and hedgerow medicine, that crystals found their journey back to me.

    It was during lockdown I found a piece of Jade once belonging to my mother and began carrying the stone on me daily.  Carrying this little piece of stone seemed to be having a powerful force on me, as well as a sense of my mum being close. Mum passed in 2008.  I began to have wonderful dreams about the two of us together and a real sense of calm and direction.  It was then that I decided I wanted to explore the world of Crystal Healing and continue my journey with crystal healing where I left off, with mum and my ancestry guiding me, all of whom strongly impacted my beliefs in how everything is connected, as well as following my heart.

    The new age of Zen

    Crystal healing seems to be everywhere at the moment with more & more people becoming aware of crystal energy.  The digital era is embracing once taboo ancient holistic healing methods to de-stress and unplug.  You only have to turn the pages of beauty magazines to see how crystals are being mentioned.

    The Elixir in Zone Face Lift carries an amethyst stone, you can find crystals in makeup, water bottles, facial oils, in massages & facials, jewellery, birth stones and more. Ancient wisdom & knowledge of crystals are coming back into the world.  You may yourself find yourself being drawn to crystals for a number of reasons.

    What is Crystal Healing Reflexology?

    Crystal healing raises our energy vibrations and can help balance our own energy system as well as our space and others.  They can help clear feelings when we feel blocked, run down or in need of some calming as well as cleanse your space and support you. All you have to do is be guided by your heart as you sit quietly listening to your thoughts and feelings; you will hear and sense a difference if you work with your heart and not your mind.

    The treatment begins with a full consultation to take down any physical or emotional imbalances before the treatment can commence.  This is followed with crystals being used on or around the body or under the couch to begin relaxation as the energies from the crystals are transmitted to you at the start of your treatment. 

    As you receive either facial or foot reflexology, different crystals are used for balancing different energies and conditions relating to you.  This encourages the release of stress, helping to balance and rejuvenate the body as well as calming both body and mind. Crystal healing can enhance healing throughout your reflexology treatment by working with you interactively.  The treatment also includes a visualisation to help you truly tune into the crystals being used. 

    Using Crystals at Home

    There are many ways you can incorporate crystals into your lifestyle at home from using a crystal healing water bottle to drink from, using crystal rollers and crystals oils, to  elixirs in your facial routine as well as a gua sha tool to lift and tone.

    When buying a crystal hold it, look at it, talk to it and buy ones you are drawn to,  whether that be for you, a friend or a loved one.  Some people like to carry crystals in their handbag, in their bra, in their pocket or as a piece of jewellery.  You may also want to place some in your work place or home.  I like to keep mine in a pretty bowl where I pick one out each day and carry it around in my pocket. You may also like to incorporate them into your yoga or meditation practice to enhance the energetic work you’re already doing,  or if like me,  have them with you for your manifestation at a full or new moon.

    Crystals are part of nature and simply having some in your life or being near them can help you connect with mother earth and wisdom.

    6 Crystals to get you started

    There are hundreds of different types of crystals, all carry different energies & power.  Here are some examples:

    • Clear Quartz

    Great for clearing your mind, body & spirit & any clutter, ideal for focusing energy & balance & improving clarity

    • Rose Quartz

    Also known as the love stone.  It can encourage self-love, warmth & compassion & beneficial when dealing with strong feelings of love or grief & is often used simply to calm in times of stress.

    • Amethyst

    A lovely crystal to aid a restful sleep & strengthens your intuition

    • Citrine

    Considered to be a crystal that represents the manifestation of one’s desires. The crystal of ‘success’ and can increase personal power It is symbolic of the energy which resides in sunlight to help create new life. The crystal affirms that negative energies and emotions can be transmuted into positive ones.

    • Blue Lace Agate

    A perfect crystal for an overactive mind and calming the mind

    • Carnelian

    Carnelian crystal is a warm, vibrant stone that boosts confidence and the power of true expression. It empowers your self-confidence in all aspects of your life

    Cleansing your crystals

    It is important to regularly cleanse your crystals & after purchasing them before use, because they naturally absorb the energy around them.  Here are a few ways to cleanse your crystals. 

    • Bury them in the earth overnight
    • Wash them in salt water
    • Leave them outside under a full moon
    • Cleanse them with incense or a smudge stick or even a candle flame
    • Leave them on a window sill in the sun

    Some crystals do not like water or sunlight so it is important to do a little research first before cleansing. 

    Crystal Reflexology takes its foundation from Reflexology and Crystal Healing combined.  If you would like to dip your toe in the water, why not try a treatment of facial or foot reflexology with combined crystals, at Indigo Blue Reflexlogy.