Could Reflexology Change your Life? Healing happens when you are most comfortable

Many clients I see wish to change their lifestyle’s and feel they are stuck in careers that bring absolutely no job satisfaction at all bringing about stress, anxiety and so much more.  Well, many years ago that was me.  I had a fabulous career as an IT engineer and then my life changed as a became a young mum juggling my work life balance with no family support network other than my wonderful husband.

I was coming home utterly exhausted and just wanted to spend time raising our two beautiful daughters, the added pressure of keeping up to date with all the latest technology was burning me out!

After the birth of my second daughter, I decided something had to change and that is when I discovered holistic therapies and reflexology.  I had received a few treatments for my own scoliosis & anxiety and discovered a huge relief from this treatment; it was then that I made a decision to change direction and train in reflexology.

I did a lot research and managed to find a course that was accredited through the AoR and trained around a busy family life at weekends at ‘The Oxford School of Reflexology’ which was then a leading training school in the UK.  (I would recommend anyone considering a career in reflexology to look for a course by an accredited association).

I have since trained in other modalities in Reflexology and other holistic treatments and have treated people from the tiniest baby to older ladies and gentlemen with various conditions, I absolutely love what I do.

In 2018 I trained in Facial reflexology at the London School of reflexology and have since gone onto learn more about the face and body as well as learning about crystal healing and much more.

My own family have benefited from the treatments I offer over the years, reflexology has helped them with exam stress and more and they still enjoy treatments from me today as younger adults.

I believe it is important to have a go at whatever it is that you are attracted to and have no regrets.  Life is a journey and I have changed direction in my career path so many times and you can too.   You are never too old to try something new and follow your dreams.  My own journey has included working as a PA, IT Engineer, Full Time Mum, and over ten years ago I qualified as a level 3 dog groomer and ran a successful salon grooming dogs.

My advice is do whatever makes you happy, you have the power to change, we all have choices and small stepping stones will get you where you need to be to lead a happy fulfilled work/life balance.