Ear/Auricular Reflexology

Auricular reflexology and ear reflexology are both terms that apply to a technique that is adminsitered by working the ears.

Just like the hands, feet and face, the ears are a micro system which the entire body is 'mapped' in reflexology terms.  Ear reflexology has evolved from Auricular therapy a component of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine).

During a treatment a reflexologist will use their fingers and thumbs to work all surfaces of the ear with a gentle but firm pressure, squeezing the surface of the ear between thumb and finger in small circular movements.

When required the reflexologist will apply an ear seed, press sphere or magnetic ear pellet to a specific point by exerting a small amount of pressure.  These also act as a marker for the client to be able to locate and gently press the identified point as required.

Auricular work has been well researched and has been acknowledged for its effectiveness in helping with such issues as physical and emotional pain, mobility and allergies. 

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