Making your own wax melts

 I really dislike waste in my house;  I have had a bag of aftershaves my husband won't wear as well as a collection of candles that have that little bit of wax that won't melt down.  I also love a nice smelling home.  I am surprised how easy it is to make these and thrilled as it will save me money as well as reusing materials I have lying around my home, as well as using natural scents for my yoga sessions and meditation, so I had a go at making my own.

What you will need

A Bain-marie (or double boiler) to melt your wax.  If you have a old saucepan and bowl this would work well, as well as scales, jug, scents of your choice or any old leftover candles, bag of soy or bees wax.  Wax melt trays which I bought off Amazon link here: Although you can often pick up moulds up in discount shops and similar. 


Recipe for One Tray of Wax Melts 

For each vessel I used the following ratios 

64.4g of Soy or Beeswax Candle Wax

5.6g of Perfume or essential oil 

You may have a little left over, but use up in another vessel


In a double boiler melt down your wax until fully melted.

Take off the heat and carefully pour into a jug and let it cool a little before adding the scent perfume of your choice.  (There are also some immitation scents that would work really well and less expensive than buying the real thing). Check out the Pawfume shop link here or try some Neal's Yard pre blended essential oils or similar. 

Give it a good stir and pour the perfumed wax into youwax melt vessels or moulds.  Leave to cure for two weeks before using.  I love the plug in wax melt burners to save on using tealights.