Is it OK to chat during a reflexology or massage treatment?

I see clients who talk all the way through their treatments,  and others who prefer to use the time to completely switch off.

It really depends on the client as to whether they want to talk or not but sometimes it can be more difficult for us to concentrate on our work as therapists.

However,  that being said, it's a time for a client to use their massage time to relax in whatever way is comfortable for them and if that's being 'chatty' I let people chat away.

I appreciate some people can feel very awkward by having no conversation at all throughout a treatment so it's important to let people relax this way if that's how they let go. 

For others it means completely switching off and a time for complete silence or to fall asleep. 

Note:  Something to keep in mind though,  is talking keeps the brain waves from moving into “theta”, which is the beginning state of when the parasympathetic response begins to do what it does.
Your brain tends to produce theta waves when you're sleeping or dreaming They tend to occur when you're driftng off to sleep or just before you wake up. Theta brain waves can also occur when you're awake and in a very deeply relaxed state of mind)

This is why as a therapist I personally encourage as much silence as possible during a treatment.

As a therapist it's my job to facilitate your relaxation so you get the best outcome from your treatment. I may not be as chatty with you, since I am trying to focus on your body and what it is telling me, but I don't mind listening to you if that's what makes you comfortable.

Why an Holistic Facial Should be Part of Your Self-Care

Why holistic facials should be part of your self-care.

An holistic facial with acupressure is completely different from a standard facial because it aims to treat a person on a physical, spiritual and emotional level and may include Gua Sha, crystals or facial cupping.

Any facial will gently soften tight tissues and muscles of the face,  drain the lymphatic system, increase blood circulation and improve cellular rejuvenation and texture of the skin.  However, in beauty there is no quick fix to have a healthy, beautiful glow without delving into the foundations of health and lifestyle and reaching a balance. 

I offer facials that work with clients as a 'whole' and support the individual as much as I can with support and healing to reveal their inner beauty.  The skin is nourished and stress is released helping to reduce  premature ageing.

For a vibrant glow we should include making the right choices. Our skin is our largest organ,  what we put on it and the food we eat are both important in restoring the body's balance and harmony, thus allowing our 'chi' (energy) that connects us to all living things flow.

I also have a deep love and respect for  natural plant based products which is why I source products that are ethical and vegan for all my facials and treatments.

The results are deeply healing, ultra-nourishing, that work on the cellular level to bring the person into perfect balance and harmony.