Thank you


I was very lucky to have an Indian Head Massage recently. Angela is a lovely kind and understanding lady with amazing hands. Her treatment room is calm and relaxing and smells divine.....which is in her beautiful home. The treatment was so wonderful, made me feel completely relaxed and made me forget everything that was going on in my life...all the stresses of day to day workload.....I just floated away whilst Angela massaged, pummelled and treated my neck, shoulders, head and was pure heaven. Thank you Angela xx

B Fitzpatrick

I totally recommend Angela as a therapist. She's multi talented in zone facials (for facial lifting), reflexology, massage, Indian head, crystal healing and more. The treatment starts with some refreshing jasmine tea and a quick consultation of my needs. I had the zone facial for toning and lifting of the face which is super relaxing but also very effective. Angela also adds in a short session of reflexology (a treat) and really tailor makes each session to help the rest of my body's needs. It's a very unique service and because she is so friendly and caring, feels very special.

I'm very pleased with the zone facial and having had the course will carry on using the gua sha tool at home and top up sessions with Angela. I'm sure any other treatment with Angela would be lovely. You are in good hands!

Philippa Kent 

A brilliant reflexology session which left my feet feeling rejuventaed and my body balanced and restored.  I would highly recommend Angela.

Mike Pearson 

As a non pampering person (I don’t have facials or indulge myself in beauty treatments) I was treated to a session of Facial Reflexology today. Oh My GOD... am a complete convert. My face is ironed out, worry free, clear and happy. Thank you x
Candida kennedy

Thank you Angela for an amazing facial! You have wonderful healing hands and I'd recommend a session to lift your spirits xx
Suzie Carr

The most amazing reflexology I have ever had, a really great experience.
Tracy Brown

Fantastic facial reflexology  session highly recommend

Nicky Levy 

I am absolutely blown away by my advanced facial reflexology this morning, with hot towels, Weleda products.  I will be booking in monthly.  A fabulous treatment in a wonderful treatment room.
Lucy Teixeira

An AMAZING experience!  I have had a few treatments at Indigo Blue Reflexology and I can wholeheartedly say I love it!

Welcoming you into the therapy room,  Angela instantly wraps you in a sense of tranquility to prepare you for this amazing treatment.  The experience relaxes the whole body especially the mind.  The healing combination of aromatherapy oils and the soothing  techniques of reflexology create  a deep sense of calm and wellbeing.  I have experienced both foot and the Zone Face Lift and it is truly a magical feeling that lasts!I am convereted. Thank you Angela. 

K Robb

Thanks so much for the RLD treatments.  You have a beautiful treatment room which along with the treatment was so relaxing, just what I needed.

The RLD was really good and I have felt the benefits from this especially in the most congested areas under my arm pit.

I would recommend this treatment to people that have experienced the trauma of cancer and with lymphodema even those that don't like having their feet touched.