Terms & Conditions

Our Policies & Booking Appointments
Please note that if you are over 10 minutes late for your appointment, I may have to reschedule your service if it cannot be completed in the remaining time frame. All attempts to reschedule in a timely manner will be made. If I do not hear from you,  10 or
more minutes into your scheduled appointment time,  it is  considered a “No-Show” and charges will apply. I will do everything to accommodate appointment changes and cancellations as required. Please give me a call at your earliest convenience to modify or cancel your appointment.

I also value you, your time and feel that it is fair to honour the same policies I hold to my clients. Should I need to cancel on a
client due to unsafe weather conditions, weather, power outages, or other unforeseen events with less than 48 hours’ notice I will
honour 5% off your next identical service and do all I can to reschedule your appointment in a timely manner

I understand that accidents and emergencies happen that prevent 48-hour notice for cancelling or rescheduling your appointment.
Clients are given one (1) grace appointment a year for last-minute scheduling changes, cancellations, or no-shows.

I require 48 hours to change or reschedule and appointment. Please use the booking app on my website or message me on 0790 9992348

If you are having a massage, please ensure you shower prior to your visit so that the oils used are able to absorb into the skin for at least 24 hours after the treatment. *This includes foot reflexology.

Please wear loose clothing, for example tracksuit bottoms or shorts for reflexology and a vest top (ladies) for facials as the area includes head, neck, shoulders, arms and decolletage.

If you are having a facial, please arrive without makeup and jewellery where possible so I can do a full assessment of your skin requirements prior to your treatment and select appropriate products for your skin requirements. If this is your first appointment, I require a £20 deposit to secure the booking which can be paid via my website. A receipt will be issued via Worldpay via my website. If you are a regular client I am happy to take payment on the day with prior arrangement.

I do not share your details with any third parties and ask your permission to agree to offers and promotions throughout the year by
signing the GDPR document. At each appointment it is important to let Angela know of any changes of health including medication so I am able to update your record card.

A reflexologist does not claim to cure and diagnose, if you have any medical conditions or concerns, please contact your GP
Please ensure any lumps, bumps or undiagnosed pain or swelling if first checked out by your GP and any other health conditions otherwise the treatment could be contraindicated as well as any undiagnosed skin conditions or inflammation that may require medical intervention.

For any child being treated under 16 I require the full consent of a parent or guardian who also needs to be present at their appointment.

Gift vouchers and gift boxes are also available and can be made up uponrequest and make a lovely gift anytime of year.

Refusal of Service
Naturally I want you to have a wonderful, relaxing treatment during your session with me. I do, however, reserve the right to refuse service. This should only happen in exceptional circumstances. For example, I may refuse service if:
1. A guest is, or appears to be intoxicated
2. A guest is loud, rowdy, rude, abusive or aggressive to me.
3. A guest inappropriately touches me
4. A guest has, or appears to have a health or medical condition that may
prevent the treatment going ahead safely
5. A guest has a personal hygiene issue that would cause embarrassment
or discomfort to the guest, staff or others
6. A guest has been a no show, habitual canceller, or otherwise behaved in
such a way such that I’d rather they go elsewhere.
This list is not exhaustive, but you get the idea. I will always treat you with dignity & respect so please treat me and other guests the same way.

Covid 19
I have carried out a full risk assessment and adhere to Covid 19 guidelines
produced by the Government.
As your therapist I will always check:
I am in good health before I arrive for your treatment
Wash my hands or use sanitiser before your treatment before and
after your treatment
• Follow guidelines on use of PPE
• Disinfect non porous materials i.e., massage couch, trolley
• Wash porous material such as towels, sheets, pillows
• Ventilate the room between each client
• Wear durable, disposable gloves when cleaning the premises
• I also sometime wear non latex gloves and a mask to further protect
my clients in some cases i.e., close contact such as facials I will still
wear a mask.

Indigo Blue Holistics, Stoneham Park, Tilehurst. Reading RG31 5BP

GDPR Privacy Notice
I hold and use client data to provide the best possible service and treatment plan for your individual requirements and all data is locked and stored online in a secure encrypted folder. I would like to reassure you that I take your data very seriously and would never share it with anyone and it will not be shared out of the EU. I keep records for 7 years for my own records.
I am committed to ensuring your data is secure and have put in place measures to safeguard and secure all information I collect from you.

The information I hold about you includes:
• Contact details
• Medical history, conditions and pregnancies
• Lifestyle
• Diet and exercise
• Chart\photos with permission