Treatments Available

Indigo's Reflexology

Reflexology is an holistic therapy that uses gentle pressure that is applied to reflex areas of the face, feet, hands or ears, thus helping the whole body to relax & restore balance.

Reflexology may be beneficial for many conditions and can be adpated for whatever condition you may have, for example, relaxation, pain relief, migraines, digestive problems, anxiety, insomnia, fibromyalgia and much more.

Choose from:

  • Facial reflexology
  • Auricular reflexology
  • Standard foot reflexology
  • Foot reflexology with aromatherapy oils (Aromareflex)
  • Reflexology lymph drainage
  • Foot reflexology with crystals 
  • Or our luxurious natural face lift which incorporates facial reflexology, crystals, Gua Sha & cold stones 
  • Hot stone reflexology 
  • Baby & Toddler Reflexology (course for parents) Available Summer 2022 Group sessions will also be available soon
  • Children's Reflexology 

A minimum course of 4-6 treatments on a weekly or fortnightly basis is recommended to see the full benefits of reflexology or Thai Foot Massage. This is to ensure you start to feel the prolonged benefits of treatment once your body has had time to adjust.  If however you are looking only to maintain the benefits to general relaxation and stress relief, once a fortnight
or once a month is recommended to suit your lifestyle. 

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Indigo's Relaxing Massages

There are numerous physical benefits associated with the use of Swedish massage & Aromatherapy massge which include:

  • Loosening tight muscles and stretching connective tissues.
  • Relieving cramps and muscle spasms and decreasing muscle fatigue.
  • Loosening joints and improving range of motion.

Our Aromatherapy massage combines the practices of Swedish massage with the use of essential oils and aromatics that are absorbed into the skin with added benefits to heal mind, body & spirit & is a much gentler massage.

Our Swedish massage is a deeper massage with kneading, effluerage, petrissage, cupping & hacking. 

Please ensure you have showered prior to a treatment to gain the full benefit of a massage. 

  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Indian head massage 
  • Foot Massage
  • Hot stone massage (available from Sept 2022)
  • Facial massage with acupressure & reflexology 
  • Thai foot massage 
  • Indonesian (Mande Lular) massage with exfoliation (available from July)

Ladies only 

Aimed for total relaxation, choose from our gentle Aromatherapy massage & allow the added benefits of essential oils to soothe & calm body, mind & body,  or our deeper Swedish massage or Indian head massage. 

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Indigo's Facials

An holistic facial with acupressure is completely different from a standard facial because it aims to treat a person on a physical, spiritual and emotional level and may include Gua Sha, crystals or facial cupping and can be tailormade to your requirements as everyone is unique. 

Any facial will gently soften tight tissues and muscles of the face,  drain the lymphatic system, increase blood circulation and improve cellular rejuvenation and texture of the skin.  However, in beauty there is no quick fix to have a healthy, beautiful glow without delving into the foundations of health and lifestyle and reaching a balance. 

  • Deep cleansing facial
  • Gentle facial cupping for lifting & toning
  • Luxury anti-ageing natural face lift with gua sha, facial reflexology & facial acupressure & healing crystals
  • Express mini facial
  • Facial reflexology with facial acupressure
  • Facial with Reflexology & cold stones 
  • Zone Face Lift

I offer facials that work with clients as a 'whole' and support the individual as much as I can with support and healing to reveal their inner beauty.  The skin is nourished and stress is released helping to reduce  premature ageing.

Cold Stone Facial Massage Benefits include & can help improve overall circulation, it may also help to:

  • Sinus tension relief 

  • Good for TMJ

  • Tired eyes

  • Headaches

  • Help improve lymphatic flow 

You can include cold stones in any facial treatment upon request.

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Indigo's Natural Face Lift

Indigo's natural lifting facial is a natural facial using complementary acupressure & facial reflexology.  It is perfect for anyone not wishing to have a surgical face lift.

This natural face lift includes a sequence of massage techniques which act as a natural way to lift the contours of the face & can help with:

  • Improve skin condition
  • Tone & tighten muscles
  • Encourage cell renewal
  • Improve lymphatic drainage & stimulate blood flow
  • Improve suppleness of the skin
  • Relieve tension headaches & eye strain
  • Help with insomnia 
  • Remove dead skin cells 
  • Encourages tightening & toning of the muscles

This luxurious natural facial incorporates, cleansing, toning, steaming, facial massage, facial reflexology & facial acupressure, Indian head massage as well as cooling healing crystals & Gua Sha & facial tools. 

A course of 12 treatments is recommended to lift your facial contours and spirit and results can be seen after one session.   Each treatment can be customised to suit your skins needs and will be discussed at your first treatment. 

I also offer Zone Face Lift 

Each treatment last approximately 75 minutes

Course  of 12 £780 
Course of 6  £390
Course of 3 £195

Indigo's Bespoke Luxurious Treatment Packages

These treatments are designed to bring complete relaxation & healing aimed at the whole body to restore mind, body & spirit.  Bespoke packages can also be tailor made for your individual requirements so please get in touch.  

Our Rituals

  • Indigo's rejuvenating facial & body ritual (includes luxury facial & back, head, neck, shoulders & arm massage) 2 Hours
  • Indigo's nature's grounding ritual (includes foot bath, Indian head massage, facial acupressure & foot reflexology) 2 Hours
  • Indigo's cloud nine ritual (includes Indian head massage, back, neck, shoulders and a luxury glow facial) 2 hours
  • Indigo's Chakra balancing ritual (Includes full body massage & facial or foot reflexology with healing crystals).

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Add on 20 minutes of any of the following treatments to a main treatment for £20. 

Foot Reflexology 
Facial Reflexology
Indian Head Massage 
Foot Scrub & soothing body moisturiser
Back massage
Facial Acupressure
Hand & Arm massage
Leg massage

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