What are chakras & how can they help heal me?

What are chakras & how can they help heal me?

The word chakra means ‘wheel’ ‘disk’ or ‘light’ and represents a point of intersection between the physical and spiritual body. In a three-dimensional view, it is more a vortex or swirl of light energy. A rapidly rotating tornado absorbing or emitting energy.

Just like a lotus flower, a chakra opens & closes, buds or dies, the state of our chakras depends upon the state of our inner consciousness.

In total there are seven major chakras of the body that supply energy & colour to each individuals aura, (a light or energy field that surrounds our body).  Stress of modern life can impair the chakra’s ability to synchronise with each other and they may become unbalanced.

By incorporating IHM, crystal healing reflexology & certain massage techniques, energy can be realigned & harmony can be restored. Chakra Attunements can also help to open, develop & cleanse blockades in an important part of our energy system.

Chakra Guided Visualizations are another new age form of reflection. Each of the chakras represents a part of your physical being. When you visualize while in a hypnotic state, you open your subconscious mind, which is very receptive to visual images and imagination.

Massage stimulates specific chakras to improve physical health in certain areas to help balance the body’s spiritual & physical health as well as release tension in the aura.

There are seven chakras:

One – Mulhadhara – This is the base or root chakra & is located in the perineum, & corresponds to the adrenal glands of the body. This chakra is associated with the cleansing of the body through the lymphatic & excretory systems. It is also associated with the nose & sense of smell.  When there is an imbalance in this chakra you may feel weak and fatigue, finding it hard to focus and lack confidence.  
My chosen crystal would be red jasper or black tourmaline.

Two – Swadhishthana – located in the abdomen & is associated with reproduction & is aligned with the ovaries in women and the testes in men.  An imbalance or blockage in this chakra is feeling very emotional & sensitive and having fertility problems.
My chosen crystal would be orange or yellow calcite
Visualise the colour orange

Three – Manipura – This chakra is associated with the pancreas and located just below the sternum and is solar plexus chakra.  Imbalances in this chakra are often to do with power, control & freedom, will & self-esteem.
My chosen crystal would be Citrine or yellow quartz
Visualise the colour yellow 

Four – Anahata – this is the heart chakra located in the chest at the heart & is associated with the ability or need for love.  If there is an imbalance in the heart chakra, the person might not feel loved, or be afraid to love or of fear of relationships & rejection. This chakra represents our strength of emotion & bond with another person.  Sometimes this chakra is referred to as the ‘rainbow chakra’ because it serves as an intersection between the colours & energy flows of all the chakras of the body, bridging the three lower with the three upper chakras.
My chosen crystal would be rose quartz
Visualise the colour green 

Five – Vishudda – thyroid gland, found by the throat & controls the voice, hearing & respiratory system. The throat chakra is related to expression, communication & creativity.  If this is out of balance you may not be able to communicate & difficulty in expressing yourself & bottle up emotions which can lead to tension & frustration & also not have the willingness to hear.
My chosen crystal would be blue lace agate
Visualise the colour sky blue

Six – Anja – governed by the pituitary gland & associated with inner vision & commonly known as the ‘third eye’.  This chakra is the store for our memories & imagination & is associated with inspiration, insight & completeness.
An imbalance here may indicate an unwillingness to look into the future or lack courage & confidence. An imbalance in this chakra could cause headaches, dizziness & nightmares.
My chosen crystal would be Amethyst
Visualise the colour Indigo 

Seven – Sahasrara – located at the top of the head (crown), and is the master chakra & plays a vital role in keeping the body balanced. This chakra is concerned with thought & decisions.  An imbalance in the crown chakra may indicate an unwillingness to explore spiritual potential
My chosen crystal would be clear quartz
Visualise the colour violet 

Ways to attune your chakras include meditation, exercise (example push ups for the heart), singing bowls, sounds baths, visualising the colours or carrying the associated crystal on you.  Or have a massage or reflexology or another spiritual holistic therapy like facial reflexology with crystal healing.