Hire Me

Angela at Indigo Blue Reflexology  recognises the need to reduce stress levels and maintain the optimum health of staff in the workplace.

Treatments can be provided on a regular basis or as an ongoing service for businesses within Berkshire.

These can be weekly, monthly or as a one off event such as a reward for hitting performance targets, staff motivation and team building events.

Holistic Treatments

We recommend that each session lasts 30 minutes in order for your staff to gain maximum benefit without becoming too deeply relaxed to be able to return to work.

Staff should feel calmer and refreshed with improved concentration levels, and positivity.

Angela can offer seated Indian Head Massage, Facial Reflexology (perfect for migraine suffers & tension headaches, & Foot Reflexology.


The Benefits to the Employee

  • Increases value & self worth
  • Decreases stress levels 
  • Promotes & manitains vibrant health & wellbeing
  • Releases neck an head tension from working at a desk for too long
  • Boosts confidence, enhancing performance at work


The Benefits for the Employer 

  • Enhances company reputation
  • Improves concentration & productivity
  • Fewer stress realted health problems
  • Reduced sick leave 
  • Increased morale & company loyalty