Natural Face Lift with Gua Sha, Crystals, Facial Cupping & Indian Head Massage or Zone Face Lift

Naturally lift your face and spirit with this exclusive natural facial treatment.

The treatment includes a special formulated elixir,  facial gua sha, facial crystals & facial rollers as well as hot towels and some Indian Head Massage to complete this very relaxing treatment.  This is a facial helping you to age well naturally. 

It is important to consider our faces are influenced by stress, diet, weight, loss of bone density in the face and our emotions which we often hold in the face. 

Learn how to age well naturally with daily care with the use of a Gua Sha  & learn to let go of emotional stress and tension we often hold in the face and jaw. 

A full consultation will take place on first visit to provide the best treatment options tailormade just for you. 

This treatment also includes Indian Head massage 

Zone Face Lift is similar but includes the specific use of the Zone Face Lift Elixir and does not include facial cupping.