Zone Face Lift

What is Zone Face Lift?

Naturally lift your face and spirit with this exclusive new spiritual facial treatment pioneered by my tutor Ziggie Bergman. .

The Zone Face lift has been descibed as 'Facial reflexology to the Stars' Daily Mail and 'A contender for London's best facial treatment....afterwards my eyes were brighter, my cheekbones sharper and my eyebrows less furrowed', Beauty Editor Sarah Vine
For more information please visit Ziggie's website here where you can see the amazing results.

Zone Face Lift is available at Indigo Blue Reflexology . You can prepay for a course, please call to discuss treatment options & have a chat with Angela before booking to check that there are no contraindications before treatment can commence.

A full consultation will take place on first visit to provide the best treatment options tailormade just for you. If you have had botox, fillers or any recent dental work you must inform Angela




Amethyst Crystal

This stone is known for its mediative qualities which work to promote calm, balance and peace and is good for all tension and stress particulalry headaches.

Ancient Egyptians used the stone to guard against guilt and fear and is a stone used by healers as it has power to focus energy. 




How Does it Work?

The Zone Face lift uses a combination of Bergman method facial reflexology pressure point massage, along with Japanese facial techniques that lift contours of the face and soften lines.

Facial Reflexology is a series of therapeutic techniques in which pressure is applied to stimulate certain zones of the body, called reflex zones. Like the feet, hands or ears (auriculotherapy), the face has reflexes and once stimulated messages are sent to specific parts of the body, helping to trigger the body’s own healing mechanisms.

During a treatment facial muscles are invigorated with Bergman mehod reflexology. The award winning Zone Face Lift Elixir Oil is used along with rose quartz balls and Japnese Guasha tools that adds another layer of therapeutic benefit to your treatment. All ingredients of the Elixir are vegan friendly & cruelty free, made in the UK by hand and are 100% organic and natural ingredients ethically sourced and traceable.

For optimal results a course of 12 weekly treatments is recommended, many client’s report noticing a big difference after 4 or 5 treatments, although everyone can feel and see the benefit after the first treatment.

The Zone face lift also reduces stress and tension and can help those suffering with migraines and sinus problems as well as releasing tension in the head, neck and jaw bringing about a deep sense of relaxation leaving you totally relaxed and rejuventated lifting your spirit as well as your face and helps restore balance to your whole being.

The Zone Face Lift  Elixir is used throughout the Zone Face Lift Treatments and can be purchased at the cost of £75.

This silky Amethyst Crystal-Infused Elixir which hydrates your skin, has been shown to reduce fine lines and help you look radiant. The magical blend of sacred plants is applied as a 60-seconds-a day skin and spirit lifting ritual, that smudges the aura and turns the mundane into the magical.


The oil is designed for ALL skin types and is vegan friendly, cruelty free and made by hand, not machines.   All ingredients are 100% organic and ethically sourced and all ingredients are traceable.