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    Men also,  should think about having regular facials, some think they are an extravagance and just for ladies and definitely not for men, but that's not true.

    Men need to think of facials as a haircut, let's face it footballers have facials, models too to look good.

    A regular facial is a power wash for your skin, exfoliation will remove dead skin cells and dirt.  A facial is a good way to get to know your skin and be taught what to put on it.


    A facial is also a great time to switch off and fully relax as the whole face, head, neck and shoulders is massaged. 

    A note on shaving:  Shaving is a natural exfoliant, so if you have sensitive skin or are prone to irritation, skip your shave the day before you get a facial.  Freshly shaved skin can get angry once exfoliants like acids and enzymes are put on top of the skin.  But if you have a lot of stubble, consider shaving the night before.  Too much stubble can trap products from penetrating into your skin. 

    I use a range of products from Buddha Beauty in all my treatments and offer facials, reflexology, Indian head massage and Thai foot massage for men in Berkshire.  For more information please get in touch. 


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    An holistic facial with acupressure is completely different from a standard facial because it aims to treat a person on a physical, spiritual and emotional level and may include Gua Sha, facial rollers,  crystals, facial cupping, facial reflexology or Japanese facial acupressure.

    Any facial will gently soften tight tissues and muscles of the face, drain the lymphatic system, increase blood circulation and improve cellular rejuvenation and texture of the skin.  However, in beauty there is no quick fix to have a healthy, beautiful glow without delving into the foundations of health and lifestyle and reaching a balance.

    Vegan skin

    At Indigo Blue Holistics, I offer facials that work with clients as a 'whole' and I support the individual as much as I can with support and healing to reveal their inner beauty. The skin is nourished with a range of ethical, cruelty free vegan skincare products and a range of facial massage techniques, helping to release stress and tension and helping to reduce signs of premature ageing. 


    For a vibrant glow we should include making the right choices.  Our skin is our largest organ, what we put on it and the food we eat are both important in restoring the body's balance and harmony, thus allowing our 'chi' (energy, life force), that connect us to all living things that flow.

    I have a deep love and respect for natural plant based products which is why I source products of this nature for all my facials and other holistic therapy treatments.


    If you haven't tried facial reflexology, Zone Face Lift, facial cupping or facial Japanese acupressure before, then come and try a treatment with me in Berkshire.   The results are deeply healing, ultra nourishing and work on the cellular level to bring the person into perfect balance and harmony. 

    I also offer gift vouchers and wellness gift boxes.