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    I love to read, and I am the sort of person who will scan the mind, body & spirit book shelf when I'm in a book shop, or shopping online.


    Recently I picked up a copy of Hal Elrod's book, 'The Morning Miracle'. I guess being a morning person myself I was attracted by it's title, I love the silence and tranquility of being an early riser, watching the world wake up. 

    For me,  early mornings are a time to sit quietly alone before my family wake up and sit or meditate with no distractions before my day begins.  It is also a time to sit with my morning brew watching the sun come up,  or sometimes I head out for a very early morning stroll.

    Anyway, if you are someone has gotten in a rut, this book could possibly help you turn your life around and help you start your day with the perfect morning routine which starts with SAVERS.

    What is SAVERS?


    Ideas to try:  Spend 10 minutes or more as soon as you wake up to observe your thoughts over your favourite brew, or maybe go outside and listen to the morning chorus. Or, perhaps sit in your favourite chill out space and just be aware of your breath and the sounds and sensations around you. When we meditate or sit in stillness like this, it's often the best time ideas come into mind without distraction. 


    Ideas to try: Set your intentions for the day.  What do you want to work on today? What are your goals and aspirations? Set your intentions, say them out loud if it helps, or write them down.


    Ideas to try: What future do you want to create?  See your vision and go create it.  What images are happening in your brain righ now?  What is it you are visualising? Tell your brain what it is you want to focus on and chances are it might happen during the day!  A new moon in the lunar cycle is another great time to start something new and set intentions and goals for the next lunar cycle.  I incorporate this into my own life.


    Ideas to try: Incorporate some morning exercise into your routine, this could include some stretches, walking the dog, early morning run or walk,  or a 30-40 min HIIT session. You will feel so much better for doing so.


    Ideas to try: Read 10 minutes of your favourite book or magazine.  It's good to read to help inspire your thoughts but make sure it's something you enjoy.


    Ideas to try: Journal your thoughts.  I like to do morning pages as it helps me get all my thoughts and ideas out of the way before the day begins.  To do this just scribble down whatever thoughts come to mind, it can be anything and can motivate you to get things done.