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    Smudging has been used for many years by Native American Indians, Ancient Europe & Asian cultures and can be used to cleanse bacteria in the air and remove unhealthy contaminates.  Smudging is also a good practice to use to calm the mind and harmonise the soul.

    Smudging is used to cleanse a room and your SMUDGEown space, perhaps after an argument or when there has been bad energy in the house, or if you have been in contact with a negative person or situation.

    It is easy to create your own smudge sticks from scratch, leaving your sacred space and body energically cleansed and refreshed.  In this article I will show you how to make and use your own smudge sticks as well as including details of plants that can be used.

    Dried Plants & Leaves
    Here is a list of plants that can be used to create any combination of smudge stick that takes your fancy, it is also a lovely addition to add some dried summer flowers to your bundles.  I like to tie my bundles up tightly with string and then hang them up in on my washing line on a hot summers days or in a dry dark airing cupboard.

    An alternative to making the smudge sticks is to buy charcoal disks and a heat proof bowl and burn the dried herbs on the disk. (Once the disk is lit, be very careful not to touch this with your hand or you will get burnt).  All you need do is add a sprinkle of your magical dried herbs and smudge your space with this.

    Aspen oil
    A protection oil which is sometimes added to smudge sticks and used as an anxiety reducer
    Bay leaves
    A mood booster and good for protection, anxiety and healing

    This is slow burning and is good for rituals and used for renewal, protection and grounding

    Increases ernergy and motivation as well as aids healing.  It is also good if you have a cold or flu and it soothes and helps you feel better.

    A decongestant for colds and also helps with muscle aches in a warm bath.  Used for protection, boosts health and energises when used for cleansing

    Encourages a good nights sleep and peace of mind.  It is used for relaxation and happiness.  It cleanses well when added to blue or desert sage.

    Purifies and cleanses and leaves a lovely fresh scent used for refreshing, clarity and focus

    Palo Santo
    This is Holy wood and is used for deep healing clearing energy. It is good for headaches and inflmmation, emotional trauma, stress and colds.  This has a citrus like scent and is used by shamans in Peru and is highly healing and has a great smell.

    Soothes and gives a sense of peace removing negative energy from places and spaces.

    Cleanses and blesses and heals removing negativity from objects, people.

    Purifies your space bringing in divine feminine energy.

    All of the leaves and dried herbs can be used to create your own smudge sticks.  All you need do is tie them tightly together with string.  Once lit is is important to smudge every room in your house in every corner.  Once done open all the windows to let the negativity escape to encourage positivity.